JACOB Pipework systems

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As their work representatives, we have a strong partner in JACOB

Metal pipework systems have a brand name in Europe: JACOB. The company from the Westphalian region in Germany has held this leading position for over 90 years.
It is the high precision and simple installation of their systems that make the specialist a very popular coveted partner when it comes to questions regarding conveying systems for bulk goods handling, dust extraction, ventilation air systems and different production processes with sophisticated pipework systems. Steeped in tradition and innovation, the company’s strengths are based on a high-performance production with the latest press lines, laser cutting machines and advanced toolmaking.

Kastenmüller is proud of being since decades the largest representative of JACOB within Germany.

This statistic is no coincidence: we know the JACOB pipeworks systems well, based on the use of them in our own projects. In addition, through the use of a high-performance distribution center we can guarantee the top-speed availability of serial items at the request of our customers.