Professional and social engagement


We are committed

Our company is committed to its public responsibilities. We are convinced that this is part of our success. That´s why we promote young talents, support scientific committees and preserve technical traditions.

Promotion of talents

  • Young talents in the cereal processing and milling industry are in high demand, and as a member of the not-for-profit association for supporting the German Milling School Braunschweig (DMSB) and as one of DMSB’s board members, we are active promoters of new entrants to the industry.
  • We give assistance to DMSB students during their practical project courses.
  • Numerous technical seminars designed in close, long-term cooperation with Kastenmüller are regularly held at DMSB.
  • Since more than 50 years the 800 members of the DMSB alumni society “Glück zu” have profited from our support, with Andreas Kastenmüller taking over as board president after Stefan Kastenmüller’s 18 years in the role.

Assistance to scientific committees

  • As an active member of the German Association of Cereal Research (AGF) in Detmold, we are regular show-casers of future-focussed technical developments. Furthermore, Andreas Kastenmüller is a member of the milling technology commission of the AGF.
  • We are a member of the Federal Technical Institute Burg Warberg.

Preservation of technical traditons

The Kastenmüller family has been tied to grain milling and mill construction for generations. Our rich family traditions rooted in Eastern Bavaria inspire our interest in not just the technical development of the milling industry but in documenting its history for generations to come. One such document is Stefan Kastenmüller and milling expert Hasso Klabunde’s book “150 years of the Milling Industry and Mill Construction”, which documents the development from the first roller mills and sifters until the latest technologies of the present-day milling industry.
Moreover Stefan Kastenmüller initiated the foundation of the “Bavarian Society of milling history and preservation”, now membered by almost 200 historical and production mills.